Friday, June 5, 2009

Amy and Wes- A Photographers' Dream Timeline ;)

If there is anything that I absolutely LOVED about Wes and Amy's wedding day was the amount of time we had to shoot some great pictures throughout the day. Amy allocated time for EVERYTHING including pictures before, during and after the ceremony.
Amy's dress was one of the most fabulous cross border finds that I have seen! It looked just as fabulous hanging in a window as it did on Amy!

AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVED her wedding was a pop up wedding cake and if you can believe, the first pop-up wedding invitation I have had my hands on- it takes the award for tops in my books!

I am a total sucker for purples and pinks and just LOOK at her flowers....amazing!

Hawtness is... :)
And the guys were looking pretty sharp too!

The ceremony and reception were both held at the Manitoba Club- which I had never been. Everything looked fabulous!

Congrats Guys! It was totally my pleasure to spend the day with you!

I will post a slideshow as soon as I can figure out away to upload it to my webspace!


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