Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ode to Christmas Cheese

I suppose is any attempt to waste some time on the computer this evening doing something totally pointless I took some time and went through what I call my "dump folder" It's the place that I leave years worth of Thank you photos, baby announcements, designs and photos that I thought I would use one day. Going through that folder tonight was a trip back down memory lane. I saw couples from many years ago and thought about where there are now..... I saw lots of babies, many of whom I have shot again and again since their very first shoot at only a couple weeks of age but some who I have never seen since. I wonder about them as well!
BUT I HAD TO POST THIS CHRISTMAS CHEESE- circa November 30, 2006- I think at the time there was a studio in Winnipeg that was all the rage- piecing two photos together to make a "digital" piece of art. I can't even remember their name?
So anyhow, here I was with photo editing software and all sorts of cheesy ideas and this what I came up with!
Oh it's not such a good cut, and something completely Au fromage- but it's my Hailey, my old Christmas tree and my attempt- and made me smile. And I can assure you, I won't be making myself any new cheese this year- and I haven't since :-)


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