Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Camille and Ryan

What a beautiful day it was! The sun was shining and the breeze was warm. On Friday I watched never ending rain pour from the sky and was over joyed that Saturday didn't let us down! It was a wonderfully planned day with lots of time for pictures! I met so many wonderful people and really enjoyed spending the day with everyone.

The bride and entire wedding party this weekend had awesome jewelry. I have seen really expensive pieces just like it so immediately assumed it was from the same very expensive shop. Anyone who know me, knows that I am an advocate for Winnipeg Business, especially when it carries a fantastic price. I was blown away at how beautiful the pieces were and at a fraction of the cost of anything I have ever seen!

A very unique tid-bit about this jewelry is that the bride and her wedding party made these pieces themselves! A Bead-i-ful Creation holds a jewelry making party and with some help you can create magnificent pieces. These girls were not jewelry makers by trade :-) But it sure looked like it.
Unfortunately there is no website of the creations to pass along but I did manage to find a telephone number (237-1743) So if you are still looking for your perfect adornments for the day- it's worth the call.

I wanted to say that I was very relieved that my suggestion for transportation worked out well and a good time was had! I am always a tad nervous when I hear "We took your suggestion..." but I am glad that hopping the Winnipeg Transit was so fun!
So if you don't yet have transportation call Winnipeg Transit. It's a ridiculously low rate of 60 bucks an hour (or something that measly- I'll find out for sure) to transport you and whomever can fit into an entire bus around for the day. It is always a blast- and much roomier than a limo! You even get to visit the transit terminal to pick out your bus!

We stopped in the exchange for a set of pictures! The Exchange District is a wonderful urban setting with lots of alleys that are perfect for an escape from the sun! I really enjoy my shoots there and love the final products.
The flowers again were once the masterpiece of Monica from Timeless Florals!


Camille is one of the lovely ladies who own Franklynn Creations and made all of her table numbers, name cards, menus and invitation (all citrus themed). Everything looked wonderful!


I have posted a small slideshow HERE


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