Friday, May 16, 2008

Could it be?

You know I don't know if I want to allow myself to get excited- it just seems like Spring has actually arrived! Could it be that the time is now upon us that "snow plans" become "rain plans" Can it be that Winnipeggers can plant their flowers and put away the shovels? I don't know if I want to believe it. After our brutal winter and an upside down kind of Spring I am so ready for some nicer temperatures.
I want to wish everyone a Happy long Weekend! Wooo-hooo! and so far the weather looks pretty good. I of course have one of those weekend jobs and will be working but I certainly notice how much better of a mood EVERYONE around seems to be in with 3 days off. It's funny that almost everyone I know asks the same question and answers it themselves before I can even push out a response.
"What are you doing this weekend?- Oh that's right, you have a wedding"
But this weekend, the wedding is at my ALL TIME FAVORITE VENUE. So it may not even seem like work at all and hopefully on Tuesday I will have lots of pictures to post.

And look what just sprouted over night- they weren't even there yesterday- Must be Spring!


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