Thursday, March 27, 2008

Louise and Chris

Hmmmmm- a little off topic, but I want to know why all these cake toppers seem to display the husband in compromising situations? Look at the poor sap above, being reeled in as he tries desperately to make his escape.
I have seen little plastic grooms with shackles, a ball and chain and also being yanked by the collar as he tries to run away. Ha ha- I get the joke-I think it's cute BUT when am I going to see the "real" cake topper. I swear, when I get married, I am going to scour the Internet to find the perfect topper
A man lying across a couch- his socks in balls a foot away from the hamper. The bride- frazzled- a vacuum in one hand- a bag of garbage in the other. For an added dose of realism, I think that there should be a little plastic television flickering on the top tier :-)

Flowers were once again from Monica at Timeless Florals and were long lasting and awesome as usual.

I had a wonderful time this day. The girls were all wonderful and welcoming and considering the wind was quite nippy, we still managed to get a few outdoor shots. I have posted a small slideshow of the wedding HERE


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