Friday, October 12, 2007

Katie and Stephen- October 6, 2007

Can I buy this face?? I have seriously considered since shooting this wedding, taking this photo and ordering myself up a set of these celebrity looking teeth. Katie was absolutely stunning (and best, I don't think she really knew it)

Although the day was dreary, this couple and their wedding party made the most of the outdoors- and with so few complaints!

I ended up staying until the garter toss and met a new bud named Kale- we colored Batman for some of the speeches and talked about the trials of kindergarten :-) He was really good at sticking spoons to his face- all at the ripe old age of five! The absolute cutest though, was when I disappeared for while to take some pictures and Kale asked me if I was off finding a boy to dance with :-)

I have posted a small slideshow here


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