Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Something about the flowers…

Flowers can really add so much to the look of a dress, a picture of a couple, or the look of a room. Over the years I have seen so many different bouquets and arrangements- some very good and some not so good. I have seen “do it yourself” bouquets gone bad and some very unexpected do it yourself bouquets be so stunning! I usually am an avid protester against making bouquets on your own but can suggest if you are, to do some research and try to copy something that you love. Most bouquets from a florist are bunched tightly and don’t have a lot of long grasses, baby breath or “stick ups” if done properly.
We love flowers! I would use them in every shot if I could. We are frequently going to add to this post displaying our favorite flowers and bouquets-

I always feel color adds so much punch ~ Even when brides have cream-colored flowers, it’s nicest when there are colored accents or crystals through them

Even silk when made properly can still look good!

Posted by: Carrie


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