Monday, August 27, 2007

Erica and Ryan- August 24, 2007

It was a double wedding weekend for me this past one- Friday was so much fun. I spent most of the day with Dr. Erica and her girls. After dropping by the hair salon (Oxfords) on Osborne, we continued photos at the house and then using some colorful walls on Corydon Avenue. The girls were so much fun and totally got the hot lean ;-) Hey we even considered using it during the family shots- hehehe.

Ryan and Erica had their ceremony and reception at Fort Whyte Alive- with a view of the water in behind. It was a spectacular venue and so beautiful, woodsy and un-typical. Like Ryan the groom said- it was hard to believe there was a Costco less than a mile away!
It was a wonderful day, and left me with wonderful happy feelings- days like this remind me what a great job I have.

I have posted a small slideshow of the day here

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